Movie Reviews: Born Into Brothels, Millions, Michael Collins, Losing Isaiah

Over the past few months I’ve seen….

  1. Born Into Brothels — I saw this in Monterey last weekend. I had high expectations (it’s an academy award winner for documentary). It met them. It’s a wonderful story about a British woman who goes into a red light district in Calcutta and teaches the children of prostitutes how to use cameras. The kids take pictures of their daily life, pictures which ultimately reach the west and are hung in museums around the world. This movie will particularly resonate if you’re an artist.
  2. Millions — A cutesy kind of film about some British children who come across big bags of cash. One’s the good moralist, but his older brother wants to piss it away. A good, light, uplifting flick with a nice soundtrack.
  3. Michael Collins — An excellent recreation/documentary of Michael Collins’ life, his role in the Irish independence movement, and the Irish political/military scene at the time. A must-see for anyone interested in Irish history.
  4. Losing Isaiah — White family adopts a black baby abandoned by his drug-addict, black mother. Mother improves her act, and wants her child back. They go to court. A great look at race relations in the context of family.
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  • If you enjoyed the movie “Born to the Brothels” read the book Child of the Dark by Carolina Maria de Jesus. It gives a picture of daily life in Sao Paulo for the poor.

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