Why We Think We're Dispassionate About the Duke Case

I have friends who are going to Duke next year. I also am fascinated by race, gender, and poverty, the three age old issues which have torn and continue to tear this country apart. If you want to understand why I’ve stopped trying to follow "the facts" involving the Duke lacrosse stripper scandal, read Dahlia Lithwick. Spin has won.

If you want to understand why television is the worst medium ever for serious analysis of anything, go watch this clip of Tucker Carlson debating some woman on the Duke case.

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  • Thanks for posting this Ben, particularly the video from Tucker Carlson (who if you haven’t seen it had one of the most interesting live interactions I’ve ever seen with Jon Stewart). I also noticed Tucker ditched the bowtie.

    I wonder if he thinks that given the nature of her profession if perhaps juries or others should consider anything said by a CEO these days to be tainted given the sultry acts of a few….

    It’s a super clear example of exactly how divided our society is.

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