A Quiet Moment

I always budget time for myself. I’m introspective.

I have a lot on my mind right now. None of it can go on my blog, unfortunately, but it’s sapping a lot of intellectual energy. Yesterday on a plane I did something I rarely do: I took out my iPod, connected them to Bose noise-cancelling headphones, and played one of my favorite songs at the moment (“Something Pretty” by Patrick Park). I put my head in hands, closed my eyes, and just thought.

It was a quiet moment. I wish I could treat myself to more of them.

2 comments on “A Quiet Moment
  • dude – i humbly recommend that you continue this practice…i’ve found music to be a versatile tool in terms of enjoying/modifying/altering/enhancing one’s mood. for me, certain artists or songs affect me in the same way as a brilliant poem or a profound quote would an avid reader…ah, to be a musician trapped in a jock’s body.

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