20 Reasons Not to Have Children (Followed by 10 Reasons Why You Should)

At the moment I don’t plan on having kids. This isn’t a hip view, but I think the tide is changing.

Why not? See 20 Reasons Not to Have Children. Then, see 10 Reasons to Have Children (on the same page).

5 comments on “20 Reasons Not to Have Children (Followed by 10 Reasons Why You Should)
  • The 20 reasons not to are funny and ring true (father of 2 speaking – so #1 I’ll have to take on faith…).

    The 10 reasons in favor are mostly weak. At 18, you don’t feel the pull yet. But wait about 15 years and you’ll have a lot of friends having kids and maybe you’ll start to see the world differently. Who knows, you could find that you want a really BIG family at that time… 4 Stanford tuition bills!!! My goodness!

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  • Perhaps, the more appropriate list here is: 20 reasons why an 18-year old can’t possibly make any reasonable statements about his or her child-rearing plans. 🙂

  • Dude, you’ll feel in your guts when you are ready. It is like people swearing they will never get married until they fall for the right one (personal experience kicking in on both topics).

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