Q2 2006 Junto Meeting: The Pursuit of Happiness in Silicon Valley

The Silicon Valley Junto is convening in Palo Alto on April 11th and San Francisco on April 12th for lunch to discuss….

The Good Life: The Pursuit of Happiness in Silicon Valley

The SV Junto is an in-person, informal gathering of business and technology professionals in the Silicon Valley to discuss non-business issues and embrace the life of the mind. We believe that breakthrough insights occur at the intersection of ideas and cultures and, as such, it is critical for business and tech folks to exercise the mental muscles of philosophy, sociology, religion, and so forth.

Seating is limited. Add your name to the wiki if you’d like to join us. If you want more details on the topic, check out the page of questions we’ll grapple with (and add your own!).

We had a great conversation last quarter on Americanism, so if you live in the Bay Area I hope you’ll join me for good food and stimulating discussion!

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