Movie Reviews: In America, In the Name of the Father

I don’t watch many movies, but I have seen a handful from Christmas till now which I will recap. Due to my Irish Writers English class, I just saw three fantastic movies about Ireland and the Irish. In the Name of the Father, with Daniel Day-Lewis, tells the story of some young guys wrongly imprisoned for an IRA bombing. Surprisingly relevant to current events with terrorism, jailing people without charges, judicial system, etc. Omagh re-creates the tragic Real IRA bombing of 1998 in Omagh, Ireland, and follows the story of a father trying to track down the bombers. Good stuff. In America shows an Irish family immigrate to New York City, try to adjust to American ways, and struggle to stay together while mourning the death of a family member who was killed in Ireland falling down stairs.

Outside of the Irish canon, I’ve seen The War Room (fantastic political documentary of Clinton’s 1992 campaign), Wedding Crashers (hilarious and raunchy), March of the Penguins (watch half it), and 25th Hour (pass).

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  • ignore the comment above, teh 40yr old virgin was a decent movie but not great. I’m glad u saw wedding crashers, an absolute instant classic…has dad seen it yet?

  • Surprised you passed on 25th hour, I enjoyed that one. Agree with you on march, wedding crashers, and war room. Thanks for this post I have not heard abt omagh before and it sounds great, I’m gonna go pick it up now.

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