Hey Friends of Ben: Do You Know People Overseas?

It’s time for me to see globalization — a topic I have read and written so much about — up close and personal. I may spend up to two months abroad this summer. In the next 15 months, I plan to see Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. This summer, though, I’m starting where most people start: Europe. I don’t like the fact that everyone flocks to the same five cities, but there’s a reason for this after all — the Eurorail makes it easy and cheap.

1. Do you have friends or family in Europe who could provide me shelter and/or local expertise for a day or two when I’m out there?

2. Do you have friends in business, technology, journalism, or academia who I can hook up with to have some stimulating conversations? (I speak English and decent Spanish).

If so, send me an email. Thanks a lot.

If you want to provide tips or insights into specific parts of my itinerary, or on travel in general, hold your horses for the moment. I’ll be posting more on this blog and on my companion travel blog in the next couple weeks.

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