The World of PhD's and Academia

I find the culture, economics, and role of academia in society fascinating. Public Intellectuals by Richard Posner remains one of my favorite books. Gary North recently reminded me that the PhD market is brutal. I’ve heard similar things from my high school teachers, most of whom are PhDs.

I would like to spend some portion of my career sitting around thinking and writing, but I don’t think traditional academia/professorship is how I want to do this. I find the world of think tanks, research institutes, and long-form journalism more compelling.

3 Responses to The World of PhD's and Academia

  1. WH says:


    Gary North’s article is right on the money as to the
    oversupply of Ph.D. people.

    I dropped out of the program in the late sixties for that
    reason and quickly tripled my earnings in sales and then
    sales management.

  2. Paul Roales says:

    Have you read the Becker/Posner blog?

  3. Ben Casnocha says:

    Paul, yes, it’s one of my favorite blogs, hence it appears on my blogroll on the left side of my site.


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