The Science of Love and Attraction

In an otherwise unexceptional March Atlantic, I did enjoy the cover piece (subscribers only) on the increasing emphasis on science to figure out the chemistry of attraction and falling in love.

A few cute tidbits. Since my index finger is slightly shorter than my ring finger, I am likely a "director" type, which "is associated with being rational, analytical, exacting, independent, logical, rank-oriented,       competitive, irreverent, and narcissistic." Pretty accurate! Director types also rarely imagine extreme situation, like winning the lotery or being stranded on an island. That’s me. Of course, we’re all a little bit of everything, but it’s fascinating that science can predict certain traits.

I’ve always found it odd that people marry someone they meet in graduate school, for example. The pool of candidates is so small; I have to think that marriage happens because both people are at a stage in their life where they want to get married, and thus they lower the bar for that to happen. Online dating/matchmaking services certainly seem like they should offer better fits, but the whole trend should be unsettling to those who still believe in love at first sight.

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