Strangers Analyzing USA Today Story on MSN Money

Stumbled across this thread on MSN Money which somebody started by including the text of the USA Today article on me. 89 replies were left. It’s always amusing for me to peer in on conversations like this from time to time and see how random strangers discuss my life. The discussion veered off-topic several times, but when the posters kept to me, the verdict was mixed.

It can be fun — sometimes — to read things like this, but after a couple minutes I need to move on. I realize that with press and this blog I put myself out there, and people take swipes. I have the peace of mind to not give a shit what some random John123 has to say about my life based on one article or one blog post.

7 comments on “Strangers Analyzing USA Today Story on MSN Money
  • “Sad story…kid never was just a kid.”

    These people are idiots, Ben. JEALOUS is not just the word of the day – it’s the word of their life.

  • Strangers will keep on talking about you, since you ARE a story, and you know that. But while they talk about you, your are doing it .. living it. “kid never was just a kid.” Oh, well, as long as you’re happy with the way you live YOUR life, who cares? 🙂

  • “Knowing web design at 11? What kind of school was he going to? Oh yeah, Town School for Boys, a private prep school. It is much easier to be successful in life when you have the resources of success at your fingertips.”

    I’m very curious what you think about the (rather bitter) comments involving your advantaged background. How would you reply to those?

  • I agree that an advantaged background is, well, a big advantage. I have been blessed with more opportunities than most. I could have been born into a family in Africa. Or even in the U.S. but in lower class America. I was not, and I am always grateful because of this. All this being said, opportunities are just that. Taking advantage of opportunities is tough.

  • Some folks on there were clearly jealous and I think the other negative comments were more critical of the corporate world as a whole, than you specifically.
    Nonetheless, there were several people who were clearly inspired and reminded of their own inate potential as a result of your story. That in itself is remakable, and it’s always important to remember that it’s impossible to please everyone. With all great change comes controversy.

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