Friends of Ben: Tim Taylor – New Blogger

My close friend Tim Taylor has started a blog called My Agapic Life.

On the surface, Tim is just another Silicon Valley connector. He’s the oral presentation coach at the Band of Angels, the oldest angel investment group in the Valley, which means he works with all presenting entrepreneurs before they go in front of the group. He’s a Wharton MBA, a CPA, and on the side helps start-ups find capital.

Dig deeper, though, and you’ll discover why I like Tim and why he’s been a formative influence on my life. He’s a published poet, writer, ex-stand-up comedian, avid reader, and devoted father. He’s a deep thinker with a strong spiritual bent. In his own words, Tim has a single mission in life: to bring more love into the world.

Tim’s blog is sure to reflect his very interesting mind and life, and if his first postings are any indication, he’s already found a voice that fits the blogging medium.

Welcome to blogland Tim!

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