Enjoying the Solitude

The rest of my family is stranded on the east coast due to the snow storms, and my partners Dave and Olivier are down at Pebble Beach for the Pro-Am golf tournament, so I’ve had the house to myself all weekend. Reading, thinking, writing, working, baking in the sun, meditating. I’m looking forward to grabbing dinner at the middle eastern place up the street with my favorite companion (a magazine) and getting a lot done during uninterrupted focus time. Solitude, in doses, is a wonderful thing.

4 comments on “Enjoying the Solitude
  • Hello Ben. I came across your USA Today “story” via KenRadio. I’d like to say that it’s very comforting to hear about another teenager who’s working hard–versus your average spoiled teen who’s goal in life is to see how far they can get on mommy and daddy’s money before they have to start fending for themselves! You’re an inspiration to the rest of us, and I wish you much luck in the future of your education and your life.

  • Hello Ben,

    I just came across your blogs – enjoyed them and am impressed at your insight and awareness. I was curious as to what your comments might be on the recent Irving ruling. He has been sentenced to three years in jail for expressing an opinion that is unwelcome and hurtful to Jews. I am struck by how Freedom of Speech seems to have taken a backseat here. Given that the Austrian law has certain conditions, it still seems rather odd that a jail sentence can be handed out for merely expressing an opinion without any enforcement of any sort. Hope to hear back from you soon.

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