Communication, Communication, Communication: Worthy of Obsessive Study

I got my semi-monthly reminder from Tom Peters that presentation skills/communication skills are worthy of obsessive study, intense practice, intense visualization. I’ve said before on this blog that presentation/communication skills are strengths that I want to focus on. Don’t ask me to calculate the tip at a restaurant (or, for that matter, tell you what 2 * 4 is) but let me give a speech, be on a panel, or in some other way communicate. That’s what I want to kick-ass at. Not there yet, but someday, I hope to be as unstoppable as Tom Peters.

3 Responses to Communication, Communication, Communication: Worthy of Obsessive Study

  1. Joe says:

    Why is math so hard for you? You seem reasonably intelligent to me. I have a tough time admiring someone when they don’t understand math. And yes, my writing is usually this terrible.

  2. Anonymous says:

    *he doesn’t, not they

    Also, I agree that communication and presentation skills are far more valuable and applicable than math.

  3. Ben Casnocha says:

    I overexaggerated a bit. Math is difficult for me, but I can do 4 * 2, fortunately.


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