Book Review: Xenophobe's Guide to the Swiss

Given that Switzerland is the only country I’ve been to — I spent three weeks in Zurich last summer as part of an SF-Zurich partnership — I consider myself part-Swiss. I loved it. My friend Massimo Chiasera from Zurich sent me The Xenophobe’s Guide to the Swiss. It’s hilarious, thin, tongue-in-cheek, and a largely accurate portrait of Swiss people, culture, government, land, etc. I wish I had read it before going there! Apparently there is a whole series of "Xenophobe’s Guide to…" and I will be sure to pick them up before I travel again this summer.

A nice respite from tackling the thick works of Benjamin Friedman’s Moral Consequences of Economic Growth and Richard Posner’s Sex and Reason.

Thanks Massimo!

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