Billionaire in this Decade? Donations Welcome

A Technorati ping alerted me to this post by a blogger in Kenya named Nicholas Ochiel who apparently stumbled across my web site and wrote a post on me, declaring:

"…Barring a galaxy rending explosion of the sun, nothing will stop him from becoming a billionaire within this decade.  He has triggered infinity and once destiny starts pulling you in a certain direction,  nothing can stop it,  not even you."

You heard it, folks. 4 years, $999.98 million to go. Email me to request a donation form.

12 comments on “Billionaire in this Decade? Donations Welcome
  • It’s great to read a blogger from Kenya.. and I think Nicholas writes in really good style.

    As for his prediction: I think you’ll only make it in the next decade… ah, and you did quote this part: “God incarnate.” :-))

  • whaaaaa??? did he not read the article about you where it says comcate does $750k in revenue per year and doesn’t even address profit?

    i’m betting you’ll have a tidy $10-50 million in your personal bank account in 4 years….. but $1 billion??? i’m not so sure. maybe the reason the guy who writes that blog is a struggling entrepreneur is he overinflates everything in his mind and can’t think practically. which is something that is amazing about you, ben, since most people who read 100 books a year tend to overanalyze everything to the point where they can’t even function anymore.

  • C’mon “a”, Nicholas is obviously not talking about Comcate only…
    There are people that live exeptional lifes, and Ben may just be one of them, that’s what it’s all about. But hey, I am more conservative, I gave him up to 2020:-)

    So how much is your bet?

  • It’s nice to be thought of so highly… especially from the other side of the world. Very nice!

    All I ever seem to get from Kenya are spams requesting that I give them my bank account and social security so I can help them exchange money and I’ll make millions by helping them.

  • Zoli (my “apologist”), Ben, thanks for your comments and compliments. I honestly didn’t expect that post to show up on anyone’s radar.

    🙂 I realize that I might have exaggerated “slightly” in my essay. I assure you that it was intentional. However, the point was not to “overinflate everything in my mind and not think practically”. The point was that Ben is exceptional and he’s done an amazing thing by starting early. The value of starting early can’t be overexaggerated or overemphasised.

    From what I’ve read, Bill Gates became a billionaire in approximately twenty years. This is a feat that, to the best of my knowledge, bested J.D. Rockerfeller’s record (and J.D didn’t even have to pay tax!). Now, if history has taught us anything it’s that the amount of time it takes to achieve great things is rapidly being compressed. I’m still betting that Ben can do it in a decade. Even if he doesn’t, the point of my post was that we can be sure that someone else will, eventually.

    “a” also indicated that I’m a struggling entrepreneur. Given that I started my two businesses (a financial tools software shop and an investment fund) in earnest two months ago, I wouldn’t think of myself as struggling. I guess that is a matter of opinion/perception. Even so, thanks for the barb. Such comments are immensely motivating.

    Ben, on behalf of honest Africans, I’ll apologize for the spam you keep getting and that I hear so many complaints about. Most of us are hard working and innovative. The nefarious minority, I’d like to believe, give a bad name to all of us.

  • I thought the scam posts were a Nigerian specialty:-)

    Nicholas, I may be harsh, but frankly in my book someone who signs his comment as “a” with the email address [email protected] should simply be ignored. You sound like a bright guy and I am sure you’ll be successful in your business. 🙂

  • Thanks Zoli:)

    I have to agree about the veil of anonymity. If someone’s going to say something with conviction then they should have the mettle to say it publicly!

    Thanks again guys.

  • For starters, becoming a billionaire within a decade is not difficult to do… I’ll have to blog on that soon.

    Also, he was really talking about you Ben? Ok, we’re hooking up. This calls for an email.

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