Autistic Basketball Player Creates Mayhem

Your YouTube video of the day – autistic waterboy finally gets a chance to play and takes the world by surprise. Wonderful.

Hat tip: Andrew Sullivan

4 Responses to Autistic Basketball Player Creates Mayhem

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  2. Kenny says:

    That was a very good video. I’m glad he was finally able to be a part of the basketball team and to score a goal (let alone.. 6 three pointers.. which isnt exactly easy, especially in a game)

  3. Nick B. says:

    It was amazing how quick this hit the national and 24-hour news channels.

  4. Zoli Erdos says:

    Ben, I am getting an unusually high number of referrals from this page, and I think I figured out why. The story got picked up a lot, and Youtube removed the video, so I guess readers keep on clicking through till they found it. I now found the original on CBS (check my link above) although I don’t have a direct URL to the video, one has to go through the article


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