Associated Press TV Does Video Segment on Comcate and Me

Associated Press TV has a video segment up on Comcate and me. You need to be on IE and on a PC to view it. Given those requirements, I actually haven’t been able to watch it with sound, so I have no idea what is said or what I say. Footage of me playing basketball, in a meeting with my partners Dave and Olivier, working at a computer, and then some words from my Mom and an old teacher of mine (who happened to be at the basketball game the camerman came to). AP TV syndicates its video profiles to many local TV stations and streams them on their web site.

3 comments on “Associated Press TV Does Video Segment on Comcate and Me
  • The video is pretty good, but I really think you should go sans glasses for your interviews. It subtracts from your image.

    I also think it’s terrible that they don’t dwell more on your basketball skills or show you tomahawking over an opponent.

  • I think the real story is AP requiring IE+PC. Good to see some people are still fans of the stone age.

    I gotta agree with Chris – business is great, normality = awesome, interesting commentary perks my ears; but Tomahawks are where it’s at. (it’s America… you’re competing with Tekken and McDonalds)

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