The Science of Gender and Science

At Edge there’s a great debate (in both written, audio, and video form) between Steve Pinker and Elizabeth Spelke on the science of gender and science. Pinker argues the more innatist point of view If you followed the Larry Summers debacle over women in the sciences, enjoyed my post on Pinker’s The Blank Slate, consider yourself a feminist, follow my tag "feminism", or otherwise want a stimulating, print-length read, check out this debate.

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  • I agree, the debate between Spelke and Pinker over at is excellent. A person can easily compare the two viewpoints and get a better idea what they themselves think about the issue. My take on the debate is that Pinker seems to want to get at the heart of the issue, whereas Spelke is happy to stay with the idea that there are no meaningful differences, and leave it at that.

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