The Importance of Rigorous Moral Reasoning

Morality is one of my big interests (and a personal value, of course – top-notch ethics is key). The Chronicle of Higher Education has a good, if overly long, essay (free, for now) on why even devout religious people should subject their decisions to rigorous moral reasoning. It’s so easy and tempting for us to be told what to do in certain moral quandaries. It’s so easy to do what everyone else in your religion is doing, or what God says is right, or what some book says. This does not build a resilient and accurate moral compass. It is the responsibility of every rational person to use the evidence around them and their own personal values to make critical decisions, even if it goes against the status quo of your religion. They say that true character is shown when times are tough. When times are tough, there are no easy answers, and certainly no answers that the convenience of religion can offer.

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