Question of the Day: How to Start an Entrepreneurship Club

I sit at my computer with no voice after a loud basketball game, so I thought I’d publicly answer a question I got via email today.

In recent months, I have taken a job at a high school, teaching math.  The school where I work has about 2400 students, and consistent with its size, a club for almost everything.  All I can see lacking are (a) a bowling team (not my area) and an entrepreneurship club (my area).

If your school has one, I don’t recall you writing about it.  Whether it does or not, I figure you can offer tips on how I can get my ducks in a row before I approach the principal.  I’m aiming for having one
in place for next school year.

Yes, there do seem to be student clubs on nearly every topic imaginable. Though it may pay to be in a niche, it’d be great to see you start an entrepreneurship club that embraces the wide definition of life entrepreneurship. We need to get more students to reject the cog-driven please-the-superior-and-follow-all-the-rules bullshit that most schools reward. So perhaps your club can look at great people in world history who went against the beaten path and made the world a better place because of it. Of course, brainstorming business ideas is always fun (start by making a list of all the problems that bug high school kids, then figure out solutions) but I’d start by developing a framework of thinking different, and discuss how such a framework can be applied to ANYONE. Good luck!

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