If You're New to This Blog, Here Are A Few Tips

If you are new to this blog (casnocha.com) here are a few friendly reminders:

1. Get my posts via email by entering your email address in the form on the upper right hand side of this page. Or enter my XML feed into your RSS reader.

2. Visit my personal web site to learn more about me generally.

3. I organize my posts by category and by month which you can view on the right hand side of this blog. For example, you can see all my posts about books. I have written over 500 posts since June ’04. You can get a pretty good sense as to who I am by reading those!

4. This is a personal blog and the views expressed here do not represent those of my company Comcate. If you are interested in Comcate products check out our web site.

5. I am always looking to hear from interesting people – email me to get in touch.

3 comments on “If You're New to This Blog, Here Are A Few Tips
  • Saw your article on yahoo news today. IMHO University of Chicago would be a great choice! I live right near there and its an awesome area in Chicago. Very different from some of the more trendy and IMO watered down parts.

    Good luck with your company!!!

  • Ben

    Wow, you have accomplished quite a bit for such a young and well rounded person. You seem to really embrace the Valley in all it’s possibilities. There needs to be more foward thinking people like you…… Keep it up!

  • I know you hear it a lot but CONGRATULATIONS! I mean honestly, I have known people who have had great idea’s but no drive then I have met individuals that have drive but no great idea’s.

    You, at young age, have found both. Keep it up.

    I hope one day I can accomplish the things you have – in such a short period.

    Keep it up.

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