I Got My Personal Finance Ass Kicked

I asked my friend Ramit Sethi, who writes the I Will Teach You to Be Rich blog, to come to my high school and speak to the senior class on personal finance. He was awesome and the compliments about his talk continue to pour in. It was a nice mix of useful tips and explanations styled with a certain hipness to appeal to the high school demographic.

When I turn 18 in about a month, I will be organizing my finances. I’ll be buying Quicken to track my weekly budget, getting a couple credit cards, opening a high interest online savings/checking account, and investing in an index fund. As per Ramit’s suggestion, I’ll be thinking about my finances  from short-term, medium-term, long-term perspectives and have various accounts for each category. I will also be buying some books to help me understand this stuff.

I know that by starting now – even with small numbers – my 40 year old self will thank me!

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