Frequently Asked Questions (Leveraging One-to-Many Medium)

I try to respond to each email I get but recently I’ve done a lot of referring to my blog, unable to write a personalized reply to the 175 I just got.  Here are common questions and the answers. (Yes, some are quite amusing, but that goes with the territory, I guess.)

Do you have trust in Jesus Christ? Remember, He will guide you, as He has always done. No. Luck is guiding me!

I’m a young entrepreneur/aspiring businessperson. Do you have any ideas / do you want to partner / can we meet about how to start a business? I refer you to my posts on Entrepreneurship. There are people who can talk about entrepreneurial how-tos much better than me! Just do a search on entrepreneurship. There are also organizations which cater to young entrepreneurs.

Do you buy all your books or get them from the library?
I buy them used off Amazon.

Your head must be huge; you must think you’re the shit, no? I hope not. If Osama is captured today I become the most meaningless piece of flesh on the planet. Please tell me when I’m full of shit.

I’m a girl in college and going to Chile soon. Do you want to come with me (it will be more than margaritas)? No thanks.

Is that a hard nipple I see in the picture of you in front of the Golden Gate Bridge? Perhaps. It was freezing.

How do you have time to balance all your commitments? I work to manage my energy, not time.

Any other articles about you out there? This SF Weekly one was a lengthy character sketch.

You must be some white rich kid if you can just jet to Switzerland for a conference. The article wasn’t totally clear on this. I was in Switzerland as part of a high school exchange program. I took a train to Zermatt, stayed in a hostel, and tried to get in to the WEF conference. I was denied.

What are your favorite books? What do you reccomend to me?
I refer you to my Books posts or my full bookroll where I annotate every book I read.

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  • I read the article in USA TODAY and was quite impressed that you have made quite a life for yourself at such a young age. I was appalled to read some of the comments on your blog page from people who are apparently intimidated or jealous of your success. I look forward to hearing more about you in the future. You will undoubtedly be one of this countrys future leaders.

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