BillMonk Will Now Track My IOUs

When my high school friends and I buy things as a group I always push to keep track of who paid for what and then enforce the IOUs. "We’re all friends, don’t worry about it" is a rejoinder I put up with. No longer. With BillMonk, a helpful new web service to track IOUs amongst individuals and groups online or via text messages, I can dog my friends to get paid back!

(Hat tip: TechCrunch)

4 comments on “BillMonk Will Now Track My IOUs
  • If there’s one thing that really ticks me off, it’s that one persistent fool who’s always reminding people to pay each other back. There is such thing as “we’re all friends.” And in the end it all evens out. Believe me. Indeed.

  • I like it but i don’t like to go through the option of tracking it and then paying down the real cash again. Why not use something like TextPayMe? I can send real money immediate from my phone using SMS…

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