Accurate Traffic Directions and Predictions – Can't Wait for This

My friend Jonathan Hubbard, CEO of LandSonar, sent me a note saying they’ve emerged from stealth and are publicly talking about their next generation digital mapping technology. Jonathan is a serial entrepreneur, HBS grad, and a nice guy.

LandSonar is trying to deliver accurate traffic information for the *entire* United States by embedding their technology in the products of their partners to allow people to answer questions like, "What is the quickest way to the airport now?" or "Show me all the houses for sale within 55 minutes of my comute" or "How long will it take to drive home if I leave at 6 PM tonight?".

Cool stuff.

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  • I haven’t helped but notice that you’ve been quoting the work of others a lot. Why don’t you come up with your own opinions, or if you agree with them, say your thoughts in your own words. As a fellow journalist, I would find it gratifying that others enjoyed my work enough to tell their peers about it, yet, it seems you do it a little too often. Just a thought! However, I must admit that you’re admirable for your accomplishments, and you appear to think about important issues much more than the average teen. Take care.


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