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  • Yes,

    but if Kurzweil’s Singularity is correct then you won’t have to worry about it.

    1 – you will live much more then 60 years

    2 – we will have invented some sort of way to simply download knowledge into head a la “The Matrix”

    3 – You really won’t be human… not the way we look at it now. I’m not sure Androids read.

    I noticed you haven’t read eithier Singularity or Blink (or I might have missed them) both of which are getting all this hype as the most important book ever (yadda yadda). I’m currently reading Singularity and I’m finding myself philosophically horrified. Admittedly I’m not finished but it strikes me as describing the death of humanity. Coudl it be that my children might be in the last generation of humans?

    Puts the “continued evolution” argument into a personal correlation if my children’s children would eithier be a new race, or not exist. There are a lot of non-scientific issues involved in this book… I like your book reviews, I’d be interested how you see this one if you get around to it.

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