White Kids Fitting Into Black Culture

My friend Ted Conrad sent me a great article in Salon by a mother of a black teenager who witnessed his foray into ghetto culture. One quote stuck out:

"Although black kids are rountinely expected to fit into white culture, the idea of a white kid becoming black seemed laughable to everyone but Joe’s African American friends."

Last night at a basketball game the speakers were blasting rap music. We were playing an all-black team from Oakland. A friend said, "I wonder what they think when they walk in here and see a bunch of white kids warming up to all this rap." Our opponents showed up late. The one black guy on our team said, "Now y’all don’t understand: there’s time, and then there’s black time. Black time is a half hour later." We all laughed, and the rest of us knew that if we had said it we’d be called a racist.

I think there are a lot of interesting cultural things related to this…

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