Quote of the Day From Software Executive

"I frequently struggle with business issues because I don’t find it very intellectually stimulating any more.  After a certain amount of experience/knowledge, everything in business is just applied psychology, which really doesn’t interest me."

Thank goodness for the Silicon Valley Junto.

2 comments on “Quote of the Day From Software Executive
  • SVJ is a great idea if you can get people to show up. The challenge is that most business people already work long hours, and if they also have a family or even a girlfriend/boyfriend, there’s no way they’re going to give up another evening unless it’s a networking group in disguise, which means you just end up talking about business again…. please tell me if you get it to work, I’d love to hear the formula.

  • I agree that getting people to show up will be tough. But the whole point is that it’s not another networking group or conference or confab on the next big thing. People still go in large numbers to these things. All I want is for people to take an hour a quarter they devote to biz/tech conferences and re-direct it to the Junto. And since it’s so different, and since so many people share your sentiment, I’m optimistic.

    If I hear about another panel or discussion on web 2.0 I will punch someone. That’s no lie.

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