On Editing My School Newspaper

A big activity this year for me that I haven’t blogged about has been my school paper. I’m editor-in-chief, but we assembled a rock star team of really smart editors (all girls other than me, go figure) so I try to stay out the way. I think we’ve broken a number of records. Today, for example, we published a 24 page issue, probably the first time in history. The quality of the content is also better than it’s ever been.

The issues one faces in running a small school newspaper are consistent with those in any organization. I’ve been particularly amused at the similarities of bug testing in software development and copy editing the paper: it’s a real bitch to organize everyone’s feedback. There are also interpersonal challenges, where sometime’s personal pride comes before what’s best for the organization. All stuff that gives a real intellectual high.

Great job guys on a terrific first semester.

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