My Blogroll: What Feeds I Monitor and Why

I subscribe to about 250 RSS feeds (that page has my full blogroll as of today) and try to have it clear each morning. Here are *most* of the feeds I subscribe to (in no particular order) which are updated fairly regularly. Enjoy! And let me know if there are others I should be reading.

I also read a lot of print (see my Information Diet). My RSS reader NetNewsWire almost always gets partial attention – I’ll be listening to music, sitting in a class, doing email, etc. while skimming my reader. I will never stop and read a post carefully during my morning refresh. For things that look interesting or comment-worthy I open in my external browswer and read when I have time. Things I like I will tag in my account (which you can subscribe to here). Things I really like I will leave a comment. Things I really really like I will blog.


  1. Irving Wladawsky-Berger – Insights from leading IBM exec
  2. Presentation Zen – awesome presentation tips
  3. Larry Lessig – the world of IP
  4. Matt Galloway
  5. Marketing Playbook – accompanying blog from the same titled book
  6. Never Eat Alone Blog – accompanying blog from same titled book
  7. Burnham’s Beat – good look at VC/stock world
  8. Tim Wolters
  9. Ross Mayfield
  10. Matt Blumberg – some good book shorts
  11. Craig Newmark – exceedingly kind
  12. Chris Howard
  13. Ryan McIntyre
  14. Fred Wilson
  15. Ed Sim – brief, ocassional, and smart insights
  16. Jeff Nolan
  17. Infectious Greed – a must read
  18. 800 CEO Read – books for CEOs
  19. Tom Peters – energizing
  20. Slacker Manager
  21. Jeff Clavier
  22. Freakonomics offical blog
  23. Creating Passioniate Users
  24. John Battelle
  25. Chris Selland
  26. Chris Sacca
  28. Ian Ybarra

Current Affairs

  1. Private Sector Development
  2. Adam Smith Lives!
  3. Coyote Blog – a conservative take on the world
  4. Daniel Gross
  5. Mark Schmitt
  6. Newmark’s Door – a nice, albeit conservative, look at economics and life
  7. Becker-Posner Blog – free insights from famous intellectuals
  8. The American Scene – solid insights from up and coming intellectual
  9. Brad DeLong – famous liberal economist
  10. Marginal Revolution
  11. Arts and Letters Daily
  12. Daniel Drezner – Chicago prof; great
  13. Salon Globalization blog

Friends of Ben

  1. Tony Gentile
  2. Seth Godin –  Great insights
  3. David Cowan
  4. Chris Yeh – frequent commenter on this blog
  5. Auren Hoffman
  6. Andy Sack – will he re-join the ‘sphere?
  7. Jeff Maurone
  8. Michael Simmons
  9. Charles Hudson
  10. Josh Kaufman
  11. Seth Levine
  12. Brad Feld
  13. David Beisel
  14. Amy Batchelor – writer
  15. Renee Blodgett
  16. Dan Saper
  17. Ajay Juneja
  18. Ramit Sethi
  19. Rich Karlgaard – Forbes publisher


  1. Cognitive Daily
  2. Intelligence Theories
  3. Neurolearning Blog – one of my *favorite* feeds
  4. Brain Waves
  5. Minding the Planet – science far, far away
  6. CogNews
  7. Improbable Research – hilarious


  1. TEDBlog – great ideas and news
  2. MacTips
  3. TechCrunch – essential reading for anyone following web 2.0
  4. Open Loops
  5. Paul Graham – the famous essayist…a bit overrated, if you ask me
  6. Zach Lipton – friend and Firefox coder
  7. Richard Kassissieh – tech in education
  8. Social Software Weblog
  9. Steven Johnson – the intersection of society and tech
  10. Marc Canter
  11. SalesForceWatch
  12. Adam Bosworth
  13. Dave McClure
  14. Kevin Maney


  1. Happiness and Public Policy – the study of happiness
  2. Lifehack – useful tips for everyday living
  3. Steve Pavlina – personal development
  4. Evelyn Rodriguez – beautiful words on life and marketing
  5. Mark Cuban – basketball and entrepreneruship
  6. Jeff Jarvis
  7. Jay Rosen – journalism prof
  8. Scott Rosenberg – most journalism
  9. Ypulse – teen news
  10. John Hope Bryant – inspiring
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  • Since I republished my entire blog today which sent out 20 articles via RSS, I didn’t want to edit this post to make one correction. Somehow Rich Karlgaard ended up in the Friends of Ben section when he should have been in Entrepreneurship. Wistful thinking? Perhaps, but actually a silly oversight!

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