Emotion and Passion in CEO Decision Making

I had a brief, interesting exchange w/ Dave Jilk on the role of emotion and passion in decision making, based on my post on Descartes’ Error.

Most people agree that emotions are integral in decision making, but not always in a positive way.
When I talk about overly passionate or overly emotional decisionmaking negatively impacting the process, I’m thinking:

* I personally really like the guy, but know he’d be a terrible fit for my company. (Allowing the "liking" emotion to enter.)

* I’m really annoyed that his tie isn’t pulled all the way up to his neck, and this annoyance distracts me from the big picture.

* I get really enamored with some detail that someone brings up in the meeting because it sounds sexy and exciting and big. But it’s really not that important.

* I have an opinion because it would reaffirm my own self-worth or in some way make me feel good, even though it’s not the most rational or best opinion.

Clearly some of these indicators, in aggregate, could point to something meaningful. And a gut sense should override everything.

When it comes to passion, I think you must be passionate, but sometimes the best way to express that passion is to look at a decision by repressing derailing emotions.

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