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Hello:  My name is [name withheld], I am writing to you because I am hoping you can assist me to to reach out to young persons, particularly those considered to be of above average intelligence.   
My desire is simply to be of assistance. What I think I can offer is friendship and something I have felt I did not receive as much of as I had hoped while I grew up, guidance and good advice.

I admit to you Ben, I am writing at this moment because I feel moved.  I was doing some research and I came across the story of Philip Pauli who seems to be smart beyond his years. Curiosity led me to look into young people considered geniuses by society.

My thinking while I was doing this was, "These are the future leaders of society."  Then I began to notice something, story after story took a sad turn, depression and in many instances suicide led me to think these people are not receiving something desperately needed.

As I began to reflect on my own past, I had to face a harsh reality. I too was considered of above average intelligence, however, growing up in rural Oklahoma, I was generally belittled and outcast for it. I responded by overcompensating in other areas.  I do not recommend to others what I did, rather I would like to share my hindsight, and moreover simply support young people who may feel that intelligence is making them unhappy.

I’m getting up in years, and I don’t think I can look myself in the mirror if I don’t start doing more for others.

I have become a very happy and satisfied individual, I have traveled to India and to China, and met great and influential persons.

I’ll bring this to a conclusion as I’ve gone on a bit, and I don’t even know if you are interested.

Perhaps you can help me, If so, please contact me at . . .

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