Book Reviews: Money Makes the World Go Around and The Untied States of America

Books, books, books, books, books….

1. Money Makes the World Go Around by Barbara Garson. This is the story of "one investor tracking her cash through the global economy." She makes a deposit in a local bank, and then "follows" that capital as it travels the globe. She goes all over the world and interviews people who are impacted. The prose is vivid and jargon free. She’s not gung ho about globalization or laizze faire capitalism. Indeed, a main goal for her in this book is to humanize the capital flow. The whole world financial system is infinitely interesting (and complicated). Hard money doesn’t even really exist. "Offshore" bank accounts are really simply a ledger entry on a computer in the U.S.

2. The Untied States of America by Juan Enriquez. This was sent to me by Debra Bradley (thanks!). It’s uniquely formatted – different fonts, typesets, margins, etc. His overarching point – if there is one – is that he United States may disintegrate into independent states. It’s not as alarmist as it sounds, mostly because it’s not a serious, scholarly work. Rather, it’s chock-full of facts, data, quotes, and other staccato political points that makes for entertaining reading. If you’re a fun facts politically-inclined guy, you’ll like it. But don’t expect serious intellectual discourse.

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