The Great Books: Ideas That Changed the World

A great new series released by Penguin UK with a series of thin volumes/essays/books on the ideas that have changed the world and inspired debate, dissent, war, and revolution. The entire set is at this Amazon List.



SenecaMarcus Aurelius
St Augustine
Thomas a Kempis
Niccolo Machiavelli
Michel de Montaigne
Jonathan Swift
Jean-Jacques Rousseau
Edward Gibbon
Thomas Paine
Mary Wollstonecraft
William Hazlitt
Karl Marx & Friedrich Engels
Arthur Schopenhauer
John Ruskin
Charles Darwin
Friedrich Nietzsche
Virginia Woolf
Sigmund Freud
George Orwell
On the Shortness of Life
Confessions of a Sinner
The Inner Life
The Prince
On Friendship
A Tale of a Tub
The Social Contract
The Christians and the Fall of Rome
Common Sense
A Vindication of the Rights of Woman
On the Pleasure of Hating
The Communist Manifesto
On the Suffering of the World
On Art and Life
On Natural Selection
Why I Am So Wise
A Room of One’s Own
Civilization and its Discontents
Why I Write

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  • I don’t think that your authors are lined up properly with the books. e.g., Martx and Engells did not write about the rights of women.

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