Book Short: Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin is a fascinating personality and one who truly embraces life at the intersections, but unfortunately I couldn’t make it past 100 pages in Edmund Morgan’s biography "Benjamin Franklin." I’m not a big history buff, so I skimmed over the U.S. history commentary and instead scribbled down my two favorite descriptions/quotes:

"Solitude is a nice refreshment to a busy mind."

"In Sickness and in health Franklin could never stop thinking and could never stop writing about what he thought."

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  • Thanks for getting to a Benjamin Franklin book! I mentioned him on an email I sent to you sometime last year.

    I actually can’t seem to get through history books myself. That’s the only biography I read almost all the way through, because he matched my personality type so well, but when I started reading Alexander Hamilton’s biography – I quit torturing myself after the first 1/4 of the book! I find my attention is happily present when I read books on science and classical literature. Any recommendations?

    Keep writing, Ben, I’ll be reading as time permits! 🙂

    – Mari

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