Book Review: The Sociopath Next Door

This book (recommended by a friend of a friend) makes one simple point: 1 in 25 Americans are sociopaths. That is, they have no conscience, no capacity for empathy, and are basically prone to all that nutty and jaw dropping behavior we witness every day. It’s not worth reading the book, because I just spilled the beans: if you’re ever wondering why someone is acting like a complete jackass, completely inconsiderate of someone else, he or she is probably a sociopath, and you just need to deal with that reality (and stay away!).

2 comments on “Book Review: The Sociopath Next Door
  • That sounds like an interesting read… but I don’t know if I even believe a true sociopath exists (e.g. no conscience, etc.). Granted you’re more well-read on the subject than I am, but still, it seems that even the most emotionally unfit people have some kind of conscience, it just may be somewhat supressed. Maybe I’m just putting too much faith in the rest of the world who knows? Anyways, hope all is well. Best, Dario

    oh also, hows basketball? how are you guys shapin up this year? as soon as this college app. monkey’s off my back, I intend to tailgate most, if not all, of your home games

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