My First Date

No, this won’t be the tell-all you’ve all been waiting for (I haven’t had time for romance in high school, but maybe later), but I did make my date with Seth Levine. And it was well worth it. Seth is at Mobius VC and a blogger.

Our chat – which left me with more energy afterwards than I had going into it, always a sign that it was quality use of time – reinforced two things. 1) How great blogging is to connect people and build the foundation of a relationship. Small talk doesn’t exist between two people who meet for the first time but have been reading each other’s blogs. 2) How electronic interactions will never give you the total picture of someone.

Seth is a Friend of Ben who is compassionate, thoughtful, successful, and laid back (in an intense way). If you think these are important traits in business or life, you should read his blog like I do.

2 comments on “My First Date
  • Ben,

    What is your definition of small talk?

    And can you tell me what an interaction was like before blogging and what it’s like with blogging between human beings?

    And based on that what does it tell you?



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