Continuous Partial Attention

Link: Meet the Life Hackers – New York Times.

This is a nice article in today’s NYT that speaks to one of my obsessions: managing my energy, my time, and being super efficient at everything I do. I will always have several windows open, emails coming through all day, different tasks, etc. I wish I had several big monitors at my desk – as this article indicates is helpful – or had a program that only delivered urgent emails immediately and didn’t even let me know I had other emails until I was really ready to read them. Below is an excerpt which I found interesting because it speaks to why people are so intent on receiving and responding to email within minutes:

We are so busy keeping tabs on everything that we never focus on anything. This can actually be a positive feeling, inasmuch as the constant pinging makes us feel needed and desired. The reason many interruptions seem impossible to ignore is that they are about relationships – someone, or something, is calling out to us. It is why we have such complex emotions about the chaos of the modern office, feeling alternately drained by its demands and exhilarated when we successfully surf the flood."It makes us feel alive," Stone says. "It’s what makes us feel important. We just want to connect, connect, connect.

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