I Laughed So Hard My Rib Cage Hurt

There’s nothing like good ole high school humor. For all the downsides of high school, I do get to be around some very funny people who make me laugh. In business meetings people politely laugh, usually at stupid jokes. But at the high school lunch table, I spend a fair amount of time straight out bawling (in a good way!). You can always tell a genuine smile/laugh when the eyebrows pop up and a twinkle in the eye.

What’s not so good is when I break down laughing during a class. But there I was, in my Geography class, and we were talking about why foreign aid can sometimes be a bad thing. A classmate of mine suggested that sometimes foreign aid is delivered in the form of condoms, and as such, condoms save people from AIDS, ergo less people die, more population, and the African country can’t deal with it. On the face of it, it seems mildly outrageous, though not something I would break out laughing to. But a quick look at a friend sitting to my right shows a slight smile creeping across his face. That did me in. I start breaking down, laughing so loud that the teacher has to stop his lecture for a second. Finally I stop, but I’m still laughing. A few minutes later I can’t sew my mouth shut and humor tears start forming. Meanwhile, my friend is laughing so hard he starts sweating, which leaves him in shock. By the end of the class, my rib cage hurt.

The moral of the story is…when was the last time your rib cage hurt from laughing so much?

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