Comcate Donates Software to Affected Public Agencies

I’ve talked some in the past about corporate philanthropy. In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, I’ve seen many companies donate money, portions of revenue, or resources to the victims. At my company Comcate, we are in a unique situation since local governments are our clients and over the past few years we’ve trained thousands of employees on effective customer service and case management.

As announced on the Comcate blog, we are donating our CRM software to agencies in the Gulf Coast directly or indirectly affected by the Hurricane. For agencies in that area that have computers, they will reap significant benefits from our case management, code enforcement, GIS, and wireless functionalities. We are encouraging affected agencies to contact us to receive either eFeedbackManager or Code Enforcement Manager free for 12 months including off-site hosting, training, and support. We hope to do our part in responding to this disaster and I tip my hat to all companies contributing as they can to the relief effort.

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