The Quintessential Entrepreneurial Experience: A Big Release

Any software company out there knows the anticipation and subsequent excitement around a new version release. Today, Comcate rolled out Version 4 of its flagship software eFeedbackManager to its thousands of local government users.

Being the ASP/on-demand software provider we are, the servers were intentionally down the first part of the day as our technology team pushed live the new build. As our President and I traveled around (I logged on from four different Wi-fi hotspots today, nearly ubiquitous access anywhere we were – ah, what the Japanese experience every day) we calmly awaited the word from the tech guys about the status. We had a meeting where we needed to demo the software and the timing would be close. Still no word on the status, we walked into the building of our meeting with paper screenshots as a worst case backup. Walking down the hallway, my partner got a call that the site was up and everything went smoothly and he was given the username/passwords to use. Whew – that was close!

Release days are exciting as they affirm the beauty of the on-demand model and the fact that we are committed to keeping our product cutting edge. Thank God I was wearing my bow tie (I’m a bow tie kind of guy) to keep me sane during the close call!

Congratulations Dave, Olivier, Mark, Liem, Shana, and the rest of the Comcate team.

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