The 33 Mile Tour de Peninsula

Today my Mom and I biked the 33 mile Tour de Peninsula, a beautiful ride throughout the Bay Area peninsula. Biking is one of the three things I am going to do more of – chess and ping pong are the other two – once I’m done with my competitive basketball career at the end of winter. (Speaking of chess – if you have kids get them into chess early on. Playing competitive chess at a young age greatly accelerated my strategic thinking abilities I think.)

We both finished the ride in about three hours, it was casual and full of rest stops. My Mom is still using the bike she got for her 16th birthday (she’s 55 years old now). It has three gears and a North Hampton license plate on it (where she went to college – Smith). Although I still think I’m a running person since you don’t have to deal with equipment, long bike rides are a blast especially since you can cover lots of ground. If you’re in the Bay Area be sure to make it to the ride next summer.Img_0450

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