My Inaugural Podcast: From Ben's Mouth

I resolved not to let the summer go by without me doing at least one podcast – after all, I founded a radio station at my high school so how could I not partake in the phenomenon? Well, I completed the feat with less than 24 hours to go before summer is over.

I subscribe to a bunch of blogs of which I do not know the author at all. After awhile, I am curious as to what the person looks like, what they sound like, etc. Based on my stats, there are definitely people who read this blog who I have never spoken to before; maybe you’ll find my voice…more revealing. Hmm.

Anyway, first be sure you are subscribed to my FeedBurner XML feed of this blog. Many of you are not. If so, enclosed in this post will an MP3 version of From Ben’s Mouth that will load right into iTunes.

Again, to listen live to my 10 minute podcast, click the enclosure in your RSS reader or Listen Live Here.

There are two songs – "Jump" from the Love Actually soundtrack and "Dreams" by Gavin DeGraw. There is about a minute of random BS commentary from me on entrepreneurialism (thinking on my feet, you know) and then you’re done! All recorded on the shitty internal mic on my PowerBook and mixed in GarageBand. I doubt I’ll have time to do regular shows, but hey, at least I can say I did it once.

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