The All-You-Can Eat Reno Buffet

I’m in Reno currently for a summer basketball league tournament and two days ago, after winning our second game of the day (I hit a buzzer beater jumper from the top of the key!) we headed to the Circus Circus buffet. We were in high spirits especially since we defeated a strong team from Boston (gotta represent the Bay Area). The ten players and three coaches were truly pumped about the buffet. On the way over, I remarked to a coach, “I’m going to hit the buffet as hard as I hit the boards today.” To a fellow teammates, I remarked, “I’m going to the hit the buffet as hard as I hit the ladies.”

Once at the buffet, we gorged ourselves with food. We’re all burning so many calories playing ball that no one is concerned about how much food we consume. Just eat eat eat. After downing two humongous plates of food and two full cups of 2% milk, I took a little break. Immediately I faced questions. “So Ben, what’s going on? Is that it? Just two plates?” A minute later – “Ben, tell me you’re not heading to desert already?”

My friend Andy keenly observed, “You know, I don’t think girls would like it here.” Indeed.

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