Narcissisism Continued – Blunt Embracement, Says Yeh

My funny friend Chris Yeh posted a deadly blunt comment on my post about narcissism. He says:

I’ve learned to embrace being a selfish, self-centered bastard. By admitting that I’m an arrogant narcissist, I’m able to disarm critics, and then work from there to overcome my own self-reported deficiencies. It seems to be working, since many people actually seem to have a good opinion of me, but that may just be my narcissism talking! The point is that if you think big and dream big, the answer is not to rein yourself in. Rather, it is to embrace your natural tendencies and figure out how to make them work for you.

So true. Reminds me of my earlier post about self-deprecation – when you concede the obvious, you concede nothing and then can work to overcome the deficiency.

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