I'm Famous Already in Zurich

OK, so I have had a ton of media experience in the U.S. because of my entrepreneurial activities, the highlight last year including a 2-3 minute live interview on CNN! But little did I think that, a few days after arriving in Zurich, I would open up the local Zurich newspaper to see my picture and a blurb of my comments on my enthusiasm at the San Francisco-Zurich sister city partnership. Riding on the train this morning, everyone was reading the paper and a couple people, hearing my English, could draw the connection between the person in the picture and the person sitting in the train. I can’t actually read my quote, since it’s in German (an immensely frustrating experience that I went through last year with articles in French and Chinese about my activities). But, if you know any German, here’s a pic of me and the blurb in German: Img_218

2 comments on “I'm Famous Already in Zurich
  • It reads:
    “The exchange project with Zurich is simply brilliant. I feel great in Switzerland. Beautiful is…”

    I can’t read the rest. -__-

  • Seems like you can never escape the spotlight big man. God speed in Zurich. Maybe you’ll break out of your fucking shell….

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