Eumerica: Best of 2 Worlds

In yesterday’s International Herald Tribune I read a good (and funny) article by Roger Cohen on his dream world: combining the best of Europe and the best of America to create Eumerica. It captures the best of both in a light hearted way. He writes:

The coffee in Eumerica would be Italian, the (absence of) speed limits and the cars German, the steaks and the refrigerators and the air-conditioning and the can-do outlook American, the fresh cream and the rock bands and the tolerance for eccentricity British, the herring Scandinavian, the climate Spanish, the college fees European, the duration of a college education (and most of the professors) American, the vodka Polish, the roads (and landscaping) French, the beer Czech, the chocolates Belgian and the national sports soccer and baseball.

In other news from Europe….I tried on a $225,000 Swiss watch today. I gave it some serious consideration, but then decided against the purchase after doing an Excel analysis and crunching the numbers. Oh well.Img_0334_1

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