The Current Harper's Index

Nothing beats the line-by-line fun facts and stats of Harper’s Magazine. On the stationary bike today I caught up on the latest Index and found these gems:

  • Percentage of Philippine couples who “do not know how pregnancy happens” according to the country’s health minister: 30
  • Average self-esteem of a US teenager, as measured by sociologists on a scale of 0 to 10: 7.6
  • Average self-esteem of a Baghdad teenager: 7.9
  • Number of female US soldiers disciplined this year for mud-wrestling at an Iraqi prison camp: 2
  • Year that Boise, Idaho banned full nudity in public unless it had some “serious artistic merit”: 2001
  • Number of nights each week that a Boise strip club now distributes sketch pads and pencils: 2
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  • Hi Ben! I’m really interested in finding these facts from Harper’s Index you mention, but none of them can be found on the Magazine Web… Are you sure they are from Harper’s? Thank You very much!!!

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