Book Review: New New Journalism

New New Journalism: Conversations with America’s Best Nonfiction writers on Their Craft is a very instructional read for the aspiring journalist or anyone who is looking to discover more about literary nonfiction or “immersion journalism” where an author – Michael Lewis, Jon Krakauer, Richard Ben Cramer, William Langewiesche, etc. – spends months or years with the subject and includes the character depth and scene descriptions typical of fiction. “New Journalism” was a movement kicked off by Tom Wolfe; in this book Robert Boynton interviews the best nonfiction writers in our country and includes a goldmine of techniques and insights into immersion journalism. I could see myself getting into business-journalism one day…

4 comments on “Book Review: New New Journalism
  • Sounds fun to me (I’ve always wanted to climb mountains like Krakauer or piece-together philosophies on human behavior like Gladwell over years) but not exactly DA material, unless you plan on doing immersion journalism to create a huge, in-depth article series on something very specific.

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