Great Leaders/Doers Drink Tea and Eat Wheat Bread

Think of the people you know who are coffee-addicts. I think of people who rely on artificial energy boosts, who get 2 hours of sleep, and people who are “good” but not “great.” I think of sleazy salespeople.

In my experience people who drink tea are the “great” leaders. A) Tea is very healthy for you and herbal teas have been proven to decrease the risk of certain diseases. B) There’s a soothing factor involved with inhaling the aroma of an herbal tea and, for me, part of my “active meditation” routine. You can drink tea all day long which is important for those of us who do a lot of talking.

Here’s another proposition: wheat bread shows character. (Ok, I may be taking this too far.) Back in the day I would chow down Wonder bread without thinking twice. Adults who I respected kept telling me “Eat wheat, it’s better for you.” I didn’t understand them. Now I do. I’m addicted to 100% whole grain wheat. I want wheat for my sandwiches and wheat English muffins.

I’m not as smart as Steven Levitt and his brilliant explanations for the “hidden side of everything” (see Freakonomics) but hey – I tried.

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